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Waterproofing the roof is vital for the integrity of the building, and one of the most important steps for doing so is the installation of the roof flashing.We supply a wide variety of Flashings & Dampcourses to suit most roof waterproofing situations.



Lead Dampcoarse  lead_flashing10kg15kg


Polyproof Polythene Dampcoarse  polyproof
Alcor Super  alcor_super
Alcor Standard  alcor_standard
Wakaflex  wakaflex
Soft Zinc Flashing  zinc_flashing
Zinc Flashing  zinc_flashing1
PVC Flashing  PVC_flashing
Vesfelt  vesfelt
Polyflash  polyflash
Galvanised Flashing  gal_flashing
Colourbond Flashing  colorbond-flashing
Deckite / Roofite  decktite
Flashing Repair Tape  flashing_tape